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Who We Are

Carter Consulting Group offers consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses. With proven successes in food and beverage and retail spaces, Carter Consulting Group provides structured consulting in business development, retail distribution, branding, marketing, and overall operational efficiency. 


The Carter Consulting Group is devoted and passionate about the work we do. 

Results Driven

We are here to offer our over twenty plus years of high-level business experience to deliver results. 

Growth Oriented

Driving sales, increasing revenue and growing businesses is what we do at The Carter Consulting Group

Our Clients

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Where We Are

The Carter Consulting Group is located in Chicago, Illinois. Based in one of the worlds largest business epicenters, we work with many companies all across the United States.

What We Do

Business Development

The Carter Consulting Group provides creative guidance to help your sales teams generate more revenue for your business. 

Retail Distribution

Providing insight and advice on the most efficient and cost-effective distribution channels for your products.


Having a strong brand that can reach your customers in the desired manner is an imperative pillar of business. We provide you with brand advice second to none.


The ability to get your company on the proper channels to deliver messaging to your target demographic is overseen by our creative minds.

Operational Efficiency

The Carter Consulting group will help to streamline your company’s procedures and operations to increase efficiency. 

Ongoing Guidance

We will become part of your team to help guide you through all opportunistic and challenging business situations. 

The Just Poppin Popcorn family will forever be grateful, to the Carter consulting group. For all your support, coaching, and encouragement. You played such an instrumental role in the advancement of our partnership with some of the largest retailers. With your experience and knowledge, we were prepared with the necessary tools to move forward with confidence. Thank you so much for being such an effective, reliable source.

What My Clients Are Saying

We can’t wait for you to join our list of successful customers.

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